You can shop at your leisure at JunctionNINE retail park, with 963 free parking spaces and disabled bays conveniently situated in the centre of the shopping park giving you easy access to all the great brands.

CCTV is in operation 24 hours a day, surveying the parking area to provide safe and secure parking.

A Smart Ticketing system is in operation using ANPR cameras situated in the car park to scan your number plate collecting data about the length of stay. The maximum stay is 4 hours which applies 24 hours a day, Monday to Sunday. 

Failure to comply with the terms & conditions will result in a Parking Charge of £100.00. The parking charge notice will be reduced to £60.00 if paid within 14 days of date of issue of the notice. 

The car park is private property and is managed by Smart Parking Ltd on behalf of the owners. Vehicles are left at owners’ risk.  You can contact our helpline on 0330 135 9020. 

Appealing Parking tickets with receipts.

Appeals for PCN’s are to be made direct to Smart Parking via this email link 

Relevant receipts and proof of purchase are required as part of the appeal.


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